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52% of Fortune 500 companies went bankrupt due to digital disruption in the last decade1 while only 8% feel that they have the digital tools they need to compete.

Digital transformation is key for businesses to stay competitive. Are you looking to transform your business digitally?

We have identified 4 fundamental pillars that will help you with your digital transformation journey -

Find out more 1 https://www.workato.com/blog/2017/11/fortune-500-digital-transformation

60% of Asia Pacific CEOs believe that finding the right partner is key in digital transformation. At StarHub Business, we are committed to being that partner.

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Accelerate business performance with a hyperconnected network

Today, having a connectivity solution you can rely on is more important than ever. A network only brings value to a business when users, machines, information, and services are interconnected at any location, on any device, and across a wide range of applications.

At StarHub Business, we’ve built the infrastructure to power connectivity across your enterprise applications, data, people and systems. To support your digitalization journey, our diversified networks and international submarine cables ensure that your network is always-on, and has the capacity and flexibility to meet the evolving demands of both your workforce and customers.

Find out how a reliable connection enables your digital transformation.

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Building efficiency in a digital workplace

Today’s workforce is hyper-connected and no longer desk-bound. The intelligent workplace is now a virtual, flexible, and collaborative ecosystem that drives innovation, employee productivity and deeper engagements.

At StarHub Business, we believe in equipping your workforce with the right devices and tools to engage, transact, and work anywhere, anytime. By encouraging efficiency beyond the four walls, your enterprise becomes digitally-ready with the convenience of mobility, driving productivity and collaboration even on the go.

Find out how a more flexible workforce enables your digital transformation.

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Staying ahead of threats with proactive cyber defenses

In today’s digital landscape, it’s a matter of when and for how long—not if—a cyber attack disrupts your business and takes it hostage. It's time to change the lens through which you view cyber risks.

At StarHub Business, we’re all about leveraging actionable insights for a proactive stance towards cyber attacks. On top of our comprehensive suite of cyber security services, we actively gather intelligence to construct predictive threat models that can fine-tune your cyber defenses, identifying threats before attacks occur.

Find out how proactive cyber security enables your digital transformation.

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Shaping your customer’s experience with data

Data has the power to enable new approaches and drive innovation, but it has to be refined in order to have real value. Insight-driven data drives smarter targeting, better marketing and sales efforts, and even new business frontiers. Now is the time to grow your business with the power of data.

At StarHub Business, helping you reach the right target customers goes beyond precise demographics, interests and behaviours. It’s about having a unique data set too. With our suite of analytics solutions that make use of real time anonymised telco data, you now have the power to achieve your business goals while delivering real-time marketing through our omni-channel media platforms.

Find out how data can further enable your digital transformation.

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